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We understand that not knowing how much your vehicle repairs are might cause some stress. At Champion Auto Body Shop of Ypsilanti/ Ann Arbor, we tell you your cost as well as your estimated vehicle return time as soon as our estimators make a decision. This process usually takes anywhere from 24-48 hours. Our certified technicians take the time to examine your vehicle damages in order to give you an accurate price instead of a “guesstimate”. Our prices are transparent, meaning you will not be charged for something we do not already explain to you upfront. We also work with most insurance providers in order to provide you the best possible deal.

We are dedicated to our work and keep our shop open six days a week in order to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible.


The deductible is what you would pay in order for the insurance company to provide money towards your repairs. Typically, this is added to your repair cost. Some shops advertise that they “waive deductibles”, but only the insurance company is authorized to do so. In some areas of the country, if they claim to “waive your deductible” it means that they are cutting steps out of the repair process and not informing the customer. This makes the cost cheaper which will cover the deductible charge.

Champion Auto Body Shop of Ypsilanti/ Ann Arbor is determined to give you the most transparent prices in the area. We want you to make the best decision for you and your vehicle. When it comes to saving money from your insurance, we can discuss with your company if they offer any allowance to go towards minor cosmetic imperfections. If you decide that you were okay with the finish of your vehicle without the additional cosmetic repair, this allowance can go towards the deductible.


Our team here accepts all vehicles regardless if they are a pre-approved partner on your list. We work with most insurance companies in the nation to be able to provide the best services in the area for you. Michigan State Law, the clause states that insurance companies can suggest places to go but in the end it is your decision to choose the facility that works best for you.


When looking around for the best deal, different facilities might offer different vehicle estimates. However, some of those estimates do not include additional costs that take place when they are disassembling your vehicle and figuring out your vehicle’s issue. This can add quite a lot to your total cost that you were not prepared for. Unforeseen costs can be a possibility depending on the case of the vehicle. At Champion Auto Body Shop of Ypsilanti/ Ann Arbor, we help eliminate this issue by examining your vehicle closely before an estimator has contacted you.

An estimate from an insurance company can be different from a vehicle estimate due to the company determining which items are able to be charged and which are non-chargeable based on your policy.


Feel free to bring your vehicle in and let us have a look at it. Champion Auto Body Shop of Ypsilanti/ Ann Arbor guarantees repairs as long as you are still the owner of that vehicle. This does not include any unrelated damage or wear and tear. Our management, as well as our staff, can fully explain this warranty to you if you have any questions!


Here at Champion Auto Body Shop of Ypsilanti/ Ann Arbor, we use the best technology to provide you with a high-quality repair or service that exceeds all manufacturing and industry standards. During our process, we can correctly identify which parts are in need of repair and which parts are in need of replacement. With our knowledge and top-quality equipment, the certified service experts will make sure your vehicle leaves running better than ever before.


Of course! Our team only uses the best technology out there to ensure you leave with an undetectable paint repair. Using the BASF refinishing process, we can match your vehicle’s color perfectly. For any other questions, please feel free to reach out and we can explain our processes further!


Yes! Since our technicians are ASE and ICAR certified, we only use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to completely repair your vehicle. In the case that a collision left your vehicle’s frame compromised, you can rely on us to repair your conventional or full frame. We have a full understanding of the bonded, single frame that most vehicles have. While repairing it in sections, our team can safely return it to normal with the least amount of impact on the vehicle’s structure. Safety is our top priority and that is why we only use the best when repairing your vehicle frame.

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